1912 Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph w/ 70 Records

26 Oct

Excellent Condition 1912 Edison. Asking $2,900 OBO.

Markings on this Edison Phonograph for SALE

The cabinet behind the  speaker has the Writing Edison #19 Cabinet Factory form 2430 and then the inscription sideways was F19S.  Where you play the records was Trademark Paten #Tomas A Edison, Edison disc Phonograph.  Patented November 17, 1903: January 30, 1906: February 4, 1908: March 11, 1913: September 15, 1914: May 23, 1916.  Then in a Gold square was )-10 SM174068, Thomas A Edison, Inc., Orange, NJ, USA.  Then in a round gold plate was Diamond Disc Laboratory, Model Thomas A Edison.  On the back of the same area was Lechner Schoenberger, Pittsburgh, PA.  (Probably where it was made).  The Record cabinet holds 72 records and we have 70 records included with the phonograph.

For More Information Contact:

Tony Dermo
(770) 834-9999

For Additional Pictures on this Amazing Edison visit us online at:


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